Digital 9 Infrastructure plc

Digital 9 Infrastructure plc
Date: April 2021
Deal Size: c.$215m Acquisition of Aqua Comms by Digital 9 Infrastructure plc
About the client: D9 invests in digital infrastructure assets to deliver a reliable, functioning internet. Its assets comprise scalable platforms and technologies including subsea fibre systems, data centres, terrestrial fibre, tower infrastructure and small cell networks (including 5G).

D9 is investing in those critical digital assets comprising the “backbone” of the internet.

About the transaction: Akur advised D9 as sole M&A adviser in the acquisition of 100% of Aqua Comms DAC (“Aqua Comms”) for c.$215m, a platform owning and operating some 14,300km of the most reliable and resilient trans-Atlantic sub-sea fibre systems – representing the very “backbone” of the internet.

Aqua Comms’ assets are established, fully operational, and benefit from a long-established customer base, particularly comprising the FAANGs, and other global content providers, including Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple. D9’s investment manager believes the platform has in-built further growth potential.

The transaction was a complex cross-border transaction including Irish, US, and UK counterpaties, acquired from ISIF (Ireland Sovereign wealth fund) and a range of private vendors. The consideration was satisfed by 70% in cash and 30% in vendors rolling over into D9 shares.

Lead: Tom Frost
Triple Point Energy Efficiency Infrastructure Company plc


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